• Services Required:

    • Disassembly and Sandblasting
    • Panel Fabrication and Rust Work
    • Mechanical Engine Recondition
    • Running Brake Lines and Fuel Lines
    • Paint and Detailing
    • Upholstery

    When Brigam came to us to discuss restoring his 1946 Chevrolet Truck he initially wanted it to be original, BUT his sons had different ideas.

    See how we got on...

  • Plan and Action:

    The plan was to restore this vehicle back to it original state. Take a look how things changed during the build and what the final outcome is.

    BRIGHAM came to us because he wanted his original truck tidied up but after a bit of a talk to the boys the truck has gone from original to Customised.

    Once the look they wanted to go with was established the body was taken off the chassis and blasted to get rid of paint and rust. Meanwhile the small items went into the dip stripping tank.

    Once this was done the body was returned and epoxy primed to seal the metal and prevent moisture from getting on it.

    Panel work was started and this involved some fabrication of new parts as some panels were too far gone.

    A new wellside was cut out and shaped to suit the cab and a CHEVROLET BOWTIE was stamped into it.

    The whole truck was primed and top coated in a Midnight Blue metallic.

    Wiring was completed.

    A set of 18" Chromes and Tyres were added and all certs and vinning completed and it is now on the road receiving the attention it deserves.