• Services Required:

    • Replace Floor
    • Set up Steering
    • Panel Beating
    • Rust Work
    • Fabrication
    • Mechanical
    • Wiring
    • Certification
    • Vining
    • and more
  • Project Scope:

    Our client came to us because they needed to have the steering set up and a bit of a quote on the rest of the work.

    On talking to our experienced staff who went over the truck piece by piece answering questions and giving advice on the best way to go. They were so pleased with the way they were treated, decided to go ahead with the project.

    Once  they decided to come on board, we agreed on a plan that will be reviewed at the end of each month to make sure it is still what they want. Progress photos are emailed regularly so they can see the progress and we also have an open door policy in place so people can come in a have a look at what is being done.