• What is Dip Stripping?

    Dip stripping is all about removing layers of paint from metal panels without damaging the metal. When done by experienced professionals (like us), this paint removal method is quick, safe, and completely removes paint from every nook and cranny without damaging the metal.

  • How Does Dip Stripping Work?

    The process has 3 steps carried out over a few days.

    STEP 1: Paint Stripping

    Metal panels are submerged in a NON-ACIDIC solution housed in a deep aluminium stripping tank for anywhere from 24 - 48 hours depending on the amount of paint needing to be removed. We have the only tank in Marlborough big enough to do this kind of work.

    The non-acidic paint stripping solution used is made up of two chemicals, both of which are completely safe.

    Once all paint has been stripped, the panels are then rinsed off using a water blaster and moved on to the next step in the process.

    STEP 2: Rust Neutralising

    This is a very important step in the process which must be done immediately after stripping the paint and exposing the bare metal.

    The metal panels are placed into our acid tank for a couple days. A specially-formulated acid bath solution gently dissolves any rust leaving a nice, clean, rust-free metal.

    This acid bath has saved a lot of thin metal having to be sandblasted - a conventional rust removal technique. Sometimes components are sandblasted to get rid of rust left in bare metal for too long. This can often leave the metal too thin to successfully blast again.

    STEP 3: Rust Proofing

    The rust-free metal panels are then dried and epoxy-primed with a rust kill solution. This provides a special coating that protects the metal panels from getting surface rust on them. As a result, they can then be stored for around 6 months without problem rust appearing.

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