• Panel Fabrication

  • What is Panel Fabrication?

    Panel Fabrication is all about being able to repair rusted existing panels as well as to fabricate new replacement panels as needed. This requires the right machinery and skilled experts to achieve top quality work!

    We have a team of very experienced panelbeaters who have learned, from the old school panel beaters, their skill of beating metal into shape to keep the use of fillers to a bare minimum. Plus, we have a range of old skool equipment essential for this type of work.

    Using our specialised equipment, anything can be fabricated on site and fitted. This eliminates the stress of trying to locate parts that are either hard to find, obselete or just plain non-existent.

    With our specialised in-house metal-forming machines, our metal fabricators can bend metal sheets into any shape needed for your restoration project. This allows us to replicate swage lines and any other shapes.

  • How the Metal Forming Process Works...

    • A template is made up of the required shape.
    • The template is then transferred to a sheet of Panel Steel.
    • Next the fabricated panel is put through the Benders or Air Hammer to shape the metal.
    • Then the swage lines are put in place using the swagging machine.
    • Once this is done the panel is tacked into place to make sure it all fits okay.
    • When it is all fitting together, it is fully welded into place.
    • We have also purchased a Pullmax which gives us so many other options
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    Panel babrication by Marlborough Classic and Custom Restorations.

    If your need any panel fabrication, metal forming or metal shaping work, we'd love to hear from you.

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