• Automotive Welding

  • At various points in the vehicle restoration process, welding is used to assemble parts together. The aim of welding is to create a long-lasting, high-strength bond between two or more pieces.

    Different types of welding skills are required for the varying types of materials used in the restoration process. These include:

    • Aluminium Welding
    • Plastic Welding
    • Steel Welding

    We have experts in each of these areas.

  • Aluminium Welding Services

    • Aluminium TIG Welding
    • Drop Tank fabrication
    • Roll Cages

    Our newest staff member Allan comes to us with a vast experience in Aluminum Fabrication and Welding. From owning his own business to teaching all aspects of welding at Polytech.

    This allows us to be able to install full and half roll cages.
    We can fabricate and install practically any aluminum product for your vehicle.

  • Plastic Welding Services

    We can weld up bumpers, spoilers and we even plastic weld up collection bins for a Mussel factory, cat cages, calf feeders and almost anything plastic.

    This involves firstly pulling the split together with special staples and then weld the gap.

    This is then fibreglassed and painted.

  • Steel Welding Services

    Steel welding is part of the skill set of any professional auto restorer. So, you can be certain that we have experts on staff to handle that aspect of the restoration process.

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