• Auto Restoration Projects

  • At Marlborough Classic & Custom Restorations, we are a Full-Service Custom Auto Restoration Shop. We can do Panel and Paint, Paint Stripping and rust removal of panels. We can help with Mechanical, Upholstery, and much more. We also take care of all parts ordering if you wish. We can even organise to have your vehicle certified and Vinned.

    We have worked with people from all walks of life who have a great passion for their vehicles and we are so proud to have been able to help them with their dream.

    Below you'll find just a small sample of our projects. You'll see that we work with a varied range of vehicles.

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    As you can see, we do everything for you. We are the only one stop shop in Blenheim and  can do everything from helping form a plan to you driving out the gate with your fully finished vehicle.

    Our awesome team of Tradesmen include highly experienced Panel Fabricators and Painter and we have a very well respected Upholstery shop right behind our premises.

    Vehicles are inspected by a Low Volume Vehicle Inspector who makes regular trips up from Christchurch or over from Nelson so that everything is done on our premises. Parts are ordered directly from our Suppliers.

    These benefits are complemented with progress photos taken so you can have a restoration record of every piece of your build.

    We would love to help you achieve your dream. Why not give us a call today!