• Vehicle Upholstery

  • Upholstery Repair or Replacement

    No quality restoration job is complete without an upholstery rejuvenation and/or repair (if needed).

    We have made arrangements with our neighbours Marlborough Motor Trimmers (directly behind our workshop) to assist us with this part of the restoration process. Their experienced team come over and handle all the upholstery fitting and design.

    When the time comes to tackle your vehicle's upholstery, we will bring in one of the team to discuss your upholstery options (design, material, colours etc.) with you. Your selected material is then ordered and the design will be finalised with you so that as soon as the materials arrive the upholsterers can get straight to work.

  • Need Upholstery Repair or Replacement? Talk to us!

    Alvis Grey Lady with New Carpeting And Upholstery

    If your restoration project includes upholstery repair or replacement, we'd love to hear from you.

    For an obligation-free chat, simply give Les a call on 03 578 0086.