• 1946 Ford Business Coupe

  • Services Required:

    • Sandblasting of Body
    • Panel and Rust Repair
    • Painting and Upholstery
    • Mechanical and Engine Rebuild

    Bryan came to us because he needed a bit of rust work done on a 1948 Ford Coupe he had purchased. It became obvious that the COUPE was rustier than first thought.  After looking on TRADEME we found a 1946 Business Coupe in need of finishing. So he purchased that and it was delivered to our workshop.

  • Project Direction / The Plan / Our Solution

    Once  Bryan decided to come on board, we decided on a Plan of action. First of all the whole vehicle was stripped down to just the body shell and sent to the Blasters to have the paint stripped. All the smaller parts (e.g Doors, Bonnet, Boot etc) were stripped and waterblasted in the workshop.

    Once the vehicle was stripped back to Bare Metal, everything was gone over and the rust assessed. Once agreed to, work was started.

    First all the metal and panel fabrication work was done and then the paint preparation began. This involved hours of  sanding to get the desired finish to form the base for the top coat.

    Paint was applied to the body with the expertise of our brilliant painter. This was polished so it shone like a mirror.

    The vehicle was painstakingly put back together piece by piece. The new parts ordered from the USA were all put on and the older parts cleaned up.

    The engine was being fully reconditioned and the chassis was being set up with all the brake and fuel lines etc being set up.

    Finally it was time for the Upholstery. This was a complete fit up undertaken by Marlborough Motor Trimmer who subcontract to us and are conveniently next door. Allowing them to do their job within our workshop.

    The project took just over 12 months to complete and made the restored 1946 Ford Business Coupe its debut at the KAIKOURA HOP 2012, where he established 2nd overall.

    Great achievement!